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November 15, 2017
McDonald’s South Africa, Owner Operators Meeting 13 – 14 November 2017

Pacinamix CEO, Mr. Manzini Zungu Speech at McDonalds South Africa Owner Operators Meeting


Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Manzini Zungu, CEO of Pacinamix – Pacinamix is McDonald’s Public Relations firm – the first fully black-owned organisation to do business with McDonald’s South Africa.

Pacinamix is a 100% black female empowered business based in Gauteng but operating across the country. Pacinamix offers cutting edge consultation in different business sectors including Integrated Marketing, Energy and Gas, Human Capital, Corporate Strategy and many other areas. Although we are growing into the different sectors; the bulk of our work and what we love most to do remains Integrated Marketing and Corporate Strategy Services as this allows us to shape the mindset of our clients and guide them towards extraordinary achievements. Our business is guided by a set of values that extend to the way we do business and the way we relate with our customers and our people.

As a CEO of Pacinamix, I have extensive national and international experience in business leadership and I am a serial entrepreneur, with a knack for building businesses that last and offer a home for people to thrive and showcase their skills. My experience of more than 25 years includes amongst many things; strategic planning, integrated marketing strategy, creative direction, project management, mining services management, human capital management including management of labour relations. All this experience comes in handy as we continue to make our mark in the different business sectors, including McDonalds.

If you look at the time we are living in, it is opportune that Greg, Dan and McDonald’s S.A. gave us this opportunity. It is at a time in our country when things are coming to a head, we have been a free and democratic country for almost 24 years and McDonald’s South Africa celebrated 22 years in the country this year. This is truly the time when all that needs to settle, grow and evolve is happening. As a country we are relooking the foundations our freedom was built-on and the fundamentals and policies that were put in place for the new democracy at the time. We are now maturing and moving to the next level, the honeymoon of the rainbow nation is fading, the enforcement of BEE codes and Affirmative Actions are slowly losing meaning with this new generation that’s growing up.

We are now wanting to make an impact for the generations to come, to leave a legacy of a country that works for our children’s children. It’s all hands-on-deck, we

are all wanting to get involved, especially in the true inclusion and transformation of our people.

Together with my talented skilled Pacinamix team that I am privileged to lead, we are rolling are sleeves to make this work.
Although those who know me well, know that I am not a big movie fan, but I do admire the work that famed actor Denzel Washington has done to move the needle in the pursuit for showcasing black excellence and I love a few of his inspirational wisdom that gets quoted quite a lot in recent times. As I thought about the journey and McDonald’s commitment to transformation, this Denzel quote came to mind; “Without commitment you’ll never start but more importantly, without consistency you’ll never finish.”

Thank you team, for starting this transformation journey with us, as Pacinamix we are truly grateful and humbled by the opportunity and belief that we got from Greg, Dan and the whole McDonald’s team to be part of such a great, meaningful movement and journey both for McDonald’s and for the country.

Greg and Dan’s vision on Transformation is exemplary – I believe it is the way we should go as a country. Not what is out there currently which sets black entrepreneurs up for failure just by making them a number, a short-sighted solution.

But doing it right; by offering support from the top, being integrated in the business both in South Africa and globally, like the great honour of meeting and presenting to the new shareholders from Abu Dhabi, case in point.

This has made such a big impact in how we deliver and how we commit ourselves to the McDonald’s business. Because we know we are here on merit and we are getting all the support we need to succeed. We will grow and succeed together with McDonald’s.

Again, I’d like to thank Greg for his continuous mentorship and support, you are a true South African inspirational leader who does everything with excellence, always looking at the bigger picture, it is really humbling to serve under your leadership, as a businessman I am learning a lot from you.

As I end, let me introduce to you my team that is with me today, our Pacinamix MD Lesego Ngobeni who is my right-hand woman in leading our business. And Prinella Pillay, our Head of PR – that I have perhaps borrowed to be more Greg’s and Dan’s right-hand lady 😊

Prinella will take you through a short presentation of some of the work we have delivered for McDonald’s over the past 10 months that we have been with the business and the Return on Investment we have achieved on the budgets spent on PR. As Prinella goes through the work, you will see that PR has evolved quite a bit in

recent times – it is no longer about sending out a press release and praying that you get coverage or the client never knowing what happens behind the scenes.

PR is now about building strategic relationships with all stakeholders involved, especially for the client and ensuring great returns for the brand – without manipulating things or a whole country like our esteemed colleagues at Bell Pottinger did recently 😊

As I will hand over to Prinella, let me leave you with another of Denzel Washington’s wisdom to think about, a call-to-action this time; “Ease is the greater threat to progress than hardship. So, Keep moving, Keep working. See you at work!”

Thank you

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